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Do I need to lose weight, get in shape or have any certain level of physical fitness to join?

No, absolutely not! Pole is a great way to start or incorporate in any fitness phase of your fitness journey. Pole is friendly toward all body types and a great, fun way to exercise.

What should I expect to get out of the Intro to Pole Course?

Short answer: Everything you need to set you up for success for all future courses!


The intro course is designed not only to teach the pole basics but to explore the art of pole and find out what calls to you. In this 2-week course we will learn basic spins, poses, and how to climb. After taking the course you will be prepared to enter any beginner pole class. 


Remember, no experience needed to join! All fitness backgrounds and levels are welcome. This is how the journey begins.

If you are new to pole, the Intro to Pole Course is the prerequisite to all the other pole classes. Once you have completed the course you are free to book any beginner or mixed level class.  

But I have no upper body strength!

No worries! You will surprise yourself with how much you are able to do while building up your strength. Every class we train on and off the pole to build up our strength and flexibility to safely perform and improve.

But I am too old!

No, you are not. 

Fun fact: There is a "Masters" category in pole competitions for women 50 and up!

What do I need to wear?

We recommend wearing leggings or sweatpants for the warm up and cool down and then changing into shorts for when we get on the pole. We wear shorts because we need our skin to stick to the pole, so please no moisturizer before class!

What do I need to bring?

Water and your favorite grip aid or pole  chalk, such as Dry Hands, AXLETIC, Lupit pad etc. (You can find grip aids on Amazon and any online pole wear shops.)

Does it hurt?

Sometimes… it is a metal pole, after all. Be prepared for a few bruises (or more preferably and better known as pole kisses), but over time the skin gets tougher and your tolerance builds!

How many people per pole?

There will never be more than 2 to a pole. Tricks classes will generally be 2 to a pole where as dance or choreography class will be 1.

How do I sign up?

Click here to view the calendar of classes                               after choosing the class, you will be prompted to to make an account/sign in with google (this only occurs when making the first booking). Then it will lead you to the

where you can choose from a range of class packs or membership options that suits your needs. Once you choose what package you would like and pay, your spot is reserved and you can easily continue to book into the classes of your choice.

New to Pole? 

How do I find the studio?

The tram 12, bus 61 or 78 will drop you 2 minutes walking from the studio. You can either get off at Gerauer Str. or Triftstrasse.
The tram 15 will drop you about a 5-minute walk away.

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