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Pole Curious?

To begin your journey at Revival Pole Fitness, you are required to participate in an Intro to Pole course. This is the perfect way to enter the world of pole. The intro course is designed not only to teach the basics of pole but to explore the art and find out what calls to you. In this 2-week course, we will learn the foundational spins, poses and how to climb. A new Intro Course starts every other Monday and meets 2 times. The package includes the 2, 1.5-hour pole sessions as well as 1 additional handstand or flexibility class to use during the month for you to get a real taste of what the studio has to offer.  We will start from the very beginning, so have no fear! 


Please bring comfortable shorts, water, a towel and avoid wearing any lotion 24-48 hrs. before class (it’s all about the grip!).

The course meets Mondays at 19:00 (Exact dates depend on group 1 or 2, check schedule  or click on links below for group dates). 

We look forward to seeing you on the pole and off the ground! 

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